My Solaris page

I've started up this page to attempt to collect some tips and tricks, howtos and essential packages/patches that I write or put together for Solaris. This is stuff I found useful in work situations.



Miscellaneous packages for Solaris here.

Trafshow 3.1 7, 8 Realtime network traffic visualizer for console usage Patches made to make it compile and run properly.
Package is statically linked with S-Lang and the pcap library.
UCD SNMP 4.0.1 2.6, 7 Useful and extendable SNMP client/server package
Newsyslog 2.5.1, 2.6, 7, 8 A port of FreeBSD's newsyslog, a useful log rotator Ported source fetched off
teTeX 1.0.7 7, 8 A rich LaTeX distribution Depends on w3c-libwww and a rather complete installation of X libaries and includes if you want to use xdvi.
Build instructions available.
Package contains texmf as well.


Some scripts I have written for Solaris that you may find interesting:


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