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This is a page for some software that I have created, all copyrighted () and distributed according to the GNU General Public License if no other license is mentioned. Ok, so some or more of this is quite lame, but I want to keep it here for history and reference.

Here are some things I have made in Arexx (on Amiga):

MRENFIX_1.0a.lha Readme (change prefix and suffix of files)
XPKTEST_2.1.lha Readme (test XPK libraries)

And here are some things I made on a DOS/Windows PC: Readme (use L3ENC, the MP3 encoder, with wildcards) Readme (automatically change your background wallpaper in Windoze) Readme (4DOS script for reading cd audio and encoding mp3 streams)

And some UN*X thangs:

no_autorejoin-1.1c.tcl.gz (A Tcl script for eggdrop bots: bans users which joins a given channel within x seconds after getting kicked, for x minutes)
dobk.gz (v1.0a, A bash script for backuping your UNIX account to a FTP account automatically)
checkurl2.0.tgz Readme (A script for giving e-mail notifies for changed URL's in an editable list.
chosts.gz (v1.1, Check which UNIX hosts in your domain you've got login rights on)
Scripts that I have written for the ircII EPIC client.
Make Picture Index, a shellscript to generate web page indexes for pictures w/thumbs.
pcomp.gz, a shellscript to compare what versions of the packages installed on a FreeBSD system is available in the ports collection. IMHO, very handy to spot which packages might need an upgrade.
Gnokline README, a program to manage incoming SMS messages to a Nokia mobile phone permanently connected to a PC with gnokii installed, executing programs according to commands in the SMS'es if supplied password and the sending number is correct -- in the purpose of connecting your home network to the Internet remotely.
MySQL-auth, a Perl script to authenticate users against a MySQL database.
Bounceweb, a Perl based solution for approving of bounced Majordomo messages: webinterface, CLI admin tools, etc.
Simplemon, a simple Perl script to monitor + send alerts for diskspace left and processes that should be running.

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