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These are plugins I made for the Munin trend-graphing and Nagios monitoring systems. They have an emphasis on FreeBSD, as do I, but I try to support other OSes (Linux in particular) also. If you have any problems with them, feel free to ask. I take no responsibility for the usage of these plugins. If you do find them useful however, please do let me know.

Github repository

I guess most things will be moved here, eventually.

Munin plugins

NameTypeOSes supportedDescription
disk_gstat_dataDiskFreeBSDTransfer rate for disk reads and writes from GEOM (gstat).
disk_gstat_opsDiskFreeBSDDisk read and write operations from GEOM (gstat).
disk_gstat_waitDiskFreeBSDAverage wait time for disk reads and writes from GEOM (gstat).
open_filesSystemFreeBSDNumber of open files on the system.
open_socketsSystemFreeBSDNumber of open sockets on the system.
vmfaultsSystemFreeBSDNumber of syscalls, context switches, interrupts etc. per second. Previous version using vmstat also available here.
swapmetaSystemFreeBSDSwapmeta memory usage, know when the next "swap zone exhausted, increase kern.maxswzone" hang will happen.
oracle_sysmetrics.plOracleAny UNIXOracle plugin to show various v$sysmetric performance numbers like number of transactions, user calls, index scans, table scans and physical reads/writes per second.
http_responsetimeNetworkAny UNIXResponse time to fetch a web page in milliseconds
iptables_connectionsNetworkLinuxNumber of connections in IP Tables/NetFilter connection tracking table
snmp_squid_cachehitratioSquidAny UNIXShow the cache hit ratio for Squid, percent of hits being in the cache and not.
snmp_squid_hitrateSquidAny UNIXNumber of hits (requests) for Squid per second.
snmp_squid_servicetimeSquidAny UNIXAverage service time for Squid, in milliseconds.
varnish_allocatedVarnishAny UNIXAmount of virtual memory allocated by Varnish.
varnish_cachehitratioVarnishAny UNIXShows the ratio of requests found in the cache ant not, in percent.
varnish_hitrateVarnishAny UNIXNumber of hits (requests) for Varnish, per second.
varnish_residentVarnishAny UNIXResident memory size of the Varnish-Chld process.
varnish_sizeVarnishAny UNIXTotal memory size of the Varnish-Chld process.
varnish_threadsVarnishAny UNIXNumber of threads for the Varnish-Chld process.
varnish_total_objectsVarnishAny UNIXTotal number of objects in the cache.

Some requirements for the gstat plugins: gstat patch gstat.diff, and also run from cron every 5th minute.

Nagios plugins

NameTypeOSes supportedDescription
check_passive_externalSystemAny UNIXCheck external nrpe service, return passive result.
check_diskxDiskAny UNIXAlternative disk space plugin.
check_cissDiskFreeBSD/LinuxCheck CISS (Compaq/HP SmartArray) RAID volume status.
check_amrstatDiskFreeBSDCheck MegaRAID (LSI Logic) RAID volume status.
check_megactlDiskLinuxCheck MegaRAID (LSI Logic) RAID volume status.
check_raidDiskFreeBSDCheck RAID status using camcontrol.
disk_writeDiskAny UNIXCheck if we actually can write to and read from disk.
check_ethtoolNetworkLinuxCheck that NIC media settings are like expected, using ethtool.
check_ifconfig_mediaNetworkFreeBSDCheck that NIC media settings are like expected, using ifconfig.
check_netlinkNetworkSolarisCheck that NIC media settings are like expected, using ndd.
check_http_sstringNetworkAny UNIXCheck if a web servers Server HTTP string is as expected.
check_haproxy_lbstatusNetworkAny UNIXCheck HAProxy load balancing status.
check_open_filesNetworkFreeBSDCheck number of open files
check_http_purgeNetworkAny UNIXCheck that an URL can actually be purged after fetching it from a cache server
check_varnish_cachehitratioVarnishAny UNIXCheck if average Varnish cache hit ratio (in %) is above acceptable levels.
check_mailflowMailAny UNIXCheck mail flow, send a mail to a particular SMTP server, then expect to be able to POP it from another within a certain amount of time.
check_mysql_tablesizesMySQLAny UNIXCheck if MySQL tables are within Max_Data_Length limit.
check_netmountSystemAny UNIXCheck if network mounts work: if they have any files, have any space used, and. Script will time out if there is a hang.
check_ageSystemAny UNIXCheck if a file is too old.
checklocksSystemAny UNIXGeneric script to check for stale lock files in a directory.
check_swapmetaSystemFreeBSDCheck if there is enough space for swapmeta. Find out before a "swap zone exhausted, increase kern.maxswzone" hang will happen.
check_smbshareNetworkAny UNIXCheck if a samba share works: if smbclient can talk to Samba and if the share is available.
check_nfs_shareNetworkAny UNIXCheck if a NFS share works: if visible from showmount and eventually accessible (client host listed).

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