- My page about Mutt, the superior mail client.

Me & Mutt

This is a small page to show my devotion to the Mutt mail client. I've used it since around april 1998, and never thought of using anything else since then. Its small size, modest use of resources, elegant interface, vast configurability etc. makes it absolutely superior! And with features like PGP integration, delivery status notification, support for every mailbox format I could possibly wish, there's really no other choice.

I prefer Mutt with the pico editor, for its simplicity and small size (hey, it's even smaller than vi!), and the internal pager cause I'm comfortable with it. You can see a screenshot here (Mutt running in the 'Totem' window).

Looking up addresses in AD/Exchange

Oh yes, it's a pain. You're employed somewhere where they have this AD/Exchange server for all the mail accounts. And you want to look up mail addresses from mutt, so that you don't have to do it with a browser or keep aliases for everybody. What to do? First of all download Read the comments in the script, change the configuration, and you should be fine.


Here are some configuration files you can take a look at:

Sven Guckes'.


Here are some links I collected:, script to query Active Directory/Exchange for mail addresses using LDAP.
The official Mutt homepage.
Sven Guckes' page.
The Mutt FAQ.
The Mutt manual.
Mutt users and their pages about mutt.