SmbSync is a program to move files between Unix and Windows shares
directly, avoiding the need for mounts or extra services like FTP or Rsync.
It uses in and out directories, and can be configured to handle many
directories and servers.


- retries uploads/downloads that fails, avoiding incomplete filetransfers.

- does not touch files recently written to (may still be in use?), with
configurable timeout.

- can archive files (use RemoteDirArchive/LocalDirArchive) instead of
deleting files transfered.

- can upload/download to temporary directories (use RemoteDirTmp/LocalTmpDir)
so that code that triggers on the files only will see complete files. Moves
the file to the intended directory once transfer completed successfully.

- configurable blocksize (Windows servers seems OK with 64K, our Hitachi
BlueArch does not and prefers 4K).

Download here